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Fishing Report

Fishing Report 06/03/2018

South Padre Island, Texas


Big Red fish with Capt. Dave Edwards. 956-524-3002

 High pressure has moved over our area creating record heat. The Speckled trout migration is on right now, they are on the move since their spawn started in May and will continue to run until October. Fifteen to Twenty five specks in the cooler is not uncommon. The warmer waters will speed up their metabolism making it necessary to feed more.  Early mornings will be a time I would target to get in on the action. By afternoon look for the fish to be in deeper waters resting and trying to conserve energy as our waters continue to get warmer. Plastics can work but live bait will be the ticket as these schools move north.

Didn’t see the the big May migration of Reds this year.  They are in the bay but not as plentiful as in the past years. Hopefully they are late. Find the bait in dirty deeper waters and you have a good chance of finding some BIG reds. Mornings look for them up near the spoil islands and guts pushing bait. Our smaller reds will be buried in the grass flats feeding on crabs.  Due to extensive boat traffic on the LLM they can be difficult to see. Kings and Tarpon are at our Jetties.  Weather permitting we will be target the Kings and Mackerel.  Good Fishing!