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Fishing Report


Happy New Year! Texas department of parks and wildlife just issued a temporary banned today on fishing south of the causeway due to the cold temprature. Fish tend to get sluggish in freezing conditions and will herd together and make it like “shooting fish in a Barrel.” Lucky for us the cold snap will be short lived. The weather has not been the best but, we have been doing well on the reds which we are finding in deeper waters adjacent to the shallow flats. Spoils near deeper water and channels have been holding big reds and trout where the can feed and retreat back into the deep for warmth. Trout have been spotty after our cold fronts but once our fronts pass and we stabilize they are in the deep grass and making their way to the shallow sand to warm up after a few days of sun. Live or dead bait has been the ticket for us but as we warm up for several days dark colored paddle tails on a 1/4 ounce jig worked off the bottom has been working well. Please remember that if you are going out dress warm. You can always take them off if you get warm. Looking forward to the return of my northern friends, can’t wait to go hammer some reds!

Detailed Fishing Forecast